• Anyone who visits Medusa at night, turns into stone the following day (after this day, they are converted back to normal).
  • Being turned into stone doesn't do anything, but Medusa can see how many players she turned to stone overnight.
  • Once a game, Medusa can choose to crumble all stones and kill them.
  • Sided with the mafia
deletedover 6 years
If you don't turn anybody to stone during the game. Just claim detective and claim someone else is Medusa. Then when a few people vote for that person, you just curse it and make them look real guilty. If town is paying attention, you should fake a vest hit report too.
over 7 years
It does attend the mafia meeting (if it doesn't yet thats a mistake)
over 7 years
So... mafia sees Medusa at night but doesn't turn into stone :)
Does it attend the mafia meeting?