• Receives a knife each day if not disturbed during the night.
  • When used, the knife never reveals the slasher.
  • Does not participate in mafia meetings.
  • Sided with the mafia

In popular setups

Thiefster Multi played 203 times
MG – Et tu, Brute? played 118 times
over 6 years
I love this role too much for words
over 7 years
Broken, if no roles have a night action, slasher can never get a knife
over 7 years
Stab the Movie.
over 7 years
Scary Movie XD
over 7 years
Now we have a Ghostface in this sik
deletedover 7 years
over 7 years
The hash-slinging-slasher.
over 7 years
"Slasher no slashing!"