• Appears as a villager to self.
  • If lynched the gallis will not die
  • If he has a minority vote on him when the lynch is finalized, he will die.
  • Sided with the village.

In popular setups

GALLIS HUNTER  played 9,173 times
Gallis Hunter played 1,116 times
Lynch 'n' Pop played 874 times
Classic as Usual III played 689 times
A Lesson in Oration played 652 times
Courtroom played 479 times
Kill Will: Vol. 4 played 373 times
Setup 19914 played 346 times
over 8 years
why is this role upvoted this role sucks
over 8 years
(in response to Miloo7) A minority of any statistic is any part of the statistic that is not in the majority. That is why, demographically speaking, latino americans and asian americans are both minorities at the same time.
almost 9 years
Either role or description is broken. let's say there are 6 people voting; 3 on player#1, 2 on gallis, 1 on player#2. While Player#1 is obviously getting lynched, gallis dies as well although they don't have the minority vote on them. (Player#2 has the minority of votes on them)
deletedover 10 years
why does it show i am gallis when it's not supposed to? im confused
over 11 years
sexypickles probably cause there was the role (I don't remember the name) who gives random info to random people
over 11 years
"---- feels immensely frustrated!"

i am confused as to why this message came up when I was gallis.
about 12 years
He is lynched with the majority vote. That is, if the majority vote is not on him, yet there is also one vote on himself, he will die alongside the lynch.
over 12 years
I don't get it. Will he be lynched instead of the majority vote? Or with the majority vote?
over 12 years
"If he has a minority vote on him when the lynch is finalized, Gallis will die." Sounds like the popping element is pretty well described, there.
about 13 years
the description for this and politician need to include the popping element. gallis can get lynched with a minority vote, sometimes town will insist on everyone self voting, then whoever is gallis will get lynched. can be confusing at first but no description of this detail anywhere doesn't help.
about 13 years
Horrible at mylo when mafia goes out on a limb and catches Gallis ._.
about 13 years
plussed what is its defferance with villager?
about 13 years
This is the best role.
over 13 years
+k because gallis-leader setups are fun
over 13 years

Gallis can only be lynched my minority vote. It's an easter egg that it's description is vague.
almost 14 years
Fallout is pretty cool.
deletedalmost 14 years
i will make will proud
deletedabout 14 years
It's a good role but they need to say what it does
about 14 years
Joke role. Most entertaining role.
about 14 years
its the same asblue? just a waste
about 14 years
Best role in the game.
about 14 years