• One person in the town irritates him. Selected at random. Mafia cannot be chosen.
  • Wins if that person is lynched.
  • Wins if town wins, while receiving less points.

In popular setups

Every man for himself! played 3,850 times
I'm has name nau plx played 1,292 times
The Nightkill of Truth. played 1,038 times
Lyncher's Paradise played 750 times
CRAAAAAAZY TAXI! played 577 times
Lyncher played 407 times
Lynchables played 393 times
The Nightkill of Truth played 268 times
Yakomania played 252 times
Every man - no whispers played 156 times

Available Achievements

Bloodthirsty (10)
You won the game entirely by yourself!
almost 8 years
A joint win zeddex a joint win
over 8 years
what happens if you get irritated with a fool....
almost 9 years
You feel very irritated by that tree.
over 11 years
deletedalmost 12 years
It looks weird at first, but after looking at it closely, the icon makes more sense than the icon before; it is holding a noose (for lynching) now.
almost 12 years
ugly new icon.
deletedalmost 12 years
This is a much better icon, what are you guys on about?
almost 12 years
This icon makes more sense. Looks like a lyncher, rather than just a fella wearing red.
almost 12 years
can you understand how surprised i was when i saw this new icon? It is so TERRIBLE, but i dont think it will be changed back.(like nurse)
almost 12 years
The new icon is TERRIBLE change it back.
almost 12 years
dat new icon
almost 12 years
lol it's like everyone who's complaining is retarded
take a look at the first artwork, folks
almost 12 years
terrible new icon. change it back.
almost 12 years
why does lyncher have a whip

it looks like some sort of dominatrix now
almost 12 years
almost 12 years look... ew....
deletedalmost 12 years
Where did his neck go
almost 12 years
New icon..............
about 12 years
okay so it should NOT select tree stumps as targets, you can't win
over 12 years
The description should be changed to show that the target is not necessarily sided with the village
about 13 years
"Can also win with town by lynching all the mafia." Make sure you tell let people know they get less points. Newbies don't know that they get less point for siding witht he town and the fuck the mafia over and themsleves.
about 13 years
can both the lyncher and the fool win at the same time?
about 13 years
You don't pick at all - you are given a townie at the beginning of game.
over 13 years
I have not had this role before do you only get to pick someone at the start of the game or do you get to pick each night phase?
over 13 years
This needs a better description.