• Visits one person every night.
  • That person cannot be converted that night.
  • Can choose to target self.
  • Converts Killer to Villager.
  • Sided with the village.

In popular setups

Every man for himself! played 3,850 times
Epicmafia's Favourite Four played 2,454 times
Shrink the Cult played 930 times
Fisher Price DLYV played 673 times
163-1213 played 509 times
Don't Lose Your.. Judge? played 221 times
Conversions Galore! played 204 times
The Lady-Inspired Setup played 198 times
Every man - no whispers played 156 times
Boondock Saints played 155 times

Available Achievements

Psychoanalyze Me! (10)
You prevented a player from being converted 3 times!
Psycho-analyst! (15)
You were able to talk the killer into joining the village!
almost 10 years
We need more setups with a shrink.
over 11 years
over 11 years
Shrink should be able to cure insanity for at least one report per a cure.
deletedover 11 years
The icon looks like the guys head is turned upside-down. negged
over 12 years
This role needs an improvement. I support he being able to cure cop's insanity (and the cop will be aware of this when it happens, not necessarily saying which sanity he was before but only that he became sane) and also being immune to lover suicide.
over 12 years
does shrink prevent turncoat from becoming traitor?
over 12 years
Wait, does Shrink turn Priest into a blue? I was just in a game with no mimic, yet was converted to blue the night I died with lover. There was a shrink, but I also died via poisoned. I was vested.
over 12 years
Shrink should indeed be able to cure cop's sanity, making them sane (but not changing the reports getting before that)
Also if a Shrink is on a lover target, and the Lover dies during the same night, by mafia/ww/killer etc. (or vice-versa), the one who didn't die from mafia/ww/killer etc. should not die as a result from lover's effect. (Isn't the idea that the lover target commits suicide? Shrink should be able to overcome that..)
deletedalmost 13 years
I think Shrinks should be able to cure cops' sanity.
over 13 years
He visits at night. Play the setup 'Don't Lose Yo Village'
over 13 years
Does the shrink visit at night, or is he a no-visiting PR?