• Visits one person every night.
  • If that person is killed or lynched, they are protected.
  • Wins if he successfully protects twice.
  • Alternatively, wins if no one dies for four day/night phases.
almost 7 years
this is so annoying to use cuz you always get n1d
deletedover 7 years
doesnt save from knife
over 7 years
If you get sidekick you can totally gamethrow and win. Just protect your sidekick and make them look like a major town role <3
over 8 years
Doesn't protect from jailor/gator kills
over 8 years
Won't protect someone twice... My target was shot then lynched.
almost 9 years
Love when monk saves the terrorist
deletedover 9 years
Also I love this role.
deletedover 9 years Check this out, exploiting the noavi policy :P
over 10 years
Few mechanics notes that probably haven't been explored before-
Monk CAN save someone from death by lover.
Monk CANNOT save someone from poison.
If monk saves someone at night and then they're lynched the next day, monk saves them both times, but doesn't win.
over 10 years
Monk apparently no longer protects from lynches. In 2 games today monk power did not protect someone from being lynched
over 10 years
Love seeing a monk win :)
over 10 years
didnt protect me from lynch LUCID WHY
almost 11 years
Too much redundancy with fool/warlock/lyncher. It's too easy to win as too. Removing the two protects condition makes it harder and less luck based. If you made him win only through THREE day/night phases, that could be cool.
over 11 years
monk double protected noavi against policy and there was a leader dead so we thot some people were just not going with
over 11 years
Favorite Role
deletedover 11 years
this is stupid role! remove it!
over 11 years
fool claims monk with one protect so we lynch him...
over 11 years
YOLO 14 months 5 days
how the fuck did this get made lol???
over 11 years
...It didn't work.
deletedover 11 years
wow this role isn't that dumb bitches are just jealous that you are all so dumb you can't even win as it...
almost 12 years
mfw 2 players left, 1 monk, 1 town, and game doesn't end. lol
deletedalmost 12 years
How is this role still here??????
almost 12 years
This is a terrible role, just like a better warlock.
Btw, how exactly does the monk protect anyone?
almost 12 years
How was this made with -100 and others with +500 are not? Lucid, get with the program man!
about 12 years
broken role is broken... either that or me... someone i saved was shot, still died...
someone i saved was lynched, still died :(
3 way with monk gs and tree..
game wasnt over :(...