• Chooses one person every night.
  • Will know who visited that person that night.
  • Will see only one visiting mafia killing.
  • Watcher's night action does not count as a visit.
  • Sided with the village.

In popular setups

Politics as Usual played 14,896 times
Lynch or be lynched (LOBL) played 8,766 times
Trust each other played 8,482 times
Thriller played 3,117 times
Who Watches the Watcher? played 2,828 times
Yin Yang Chaos played 2,474 times
Epicmafia's Favourite Four played 2,454 times
BAC played 2,384 times
Gotta be Psychic! played 2,354 times
A framed drunk driver played 1,871 times

Available Achievements

Eyewitness (20)
You watched a mafia visit a player twice during the night and survived.
deletedover 9 years
Self-Watch makes a lot of sense, he sees who enters his house.
deletedalmost 10 years
we need to clarify an important part of this role - since the watcher does not visit and has a passive power, WATCHER CANNOT BE ROLEBLOCKED.
about 11 years
Its always been able to.
about 11 years
The watcher can self watch... what's up with that?
deletedover 11 years
This role needs to be updated to specify that it shows only the first person to visit for each reason. Ie, if the watcher is on a doc save, both the doctor and the first maf to vote is on the report. This is confusing and the role needs to be updated.

-still a n00b
over 11 years
"I'm not sure if this is legal or not"
almost 12 years
It always feels like, somebody's watching me.
about 12 years
im watching you secks
about 12 years
The watcher does not visit.
about 14 years
Description should show what roles come up as a visit and which ones don't.
about 14 years
+K wow I am so close to hall of fame in this, 7/7 wins
about 14 years
I like him cos he's pervy. "I'm watching you, hnfhnfhnf"