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joorie 42 minutes 26 seconds
HI you should appeal the violation because: 1) looking at who is in the lobby does not break any of the rules >:( you didn't post anywhere, didn't follow any sort of meta, report a game in progress, or use any third party apps (not built by lucid), external sites (still on em OBV), and you did not bribe or threaten anyone. those are the rules for OGI, none of which were broken. plus, many ppl (including me) do this so if it's gonna be a violation now, there should be an announcement/it should be written explicitly somewhere so that people actually know they're not supposed to do this. lastly, if the mods collectively agree that this is OGI, then lucid should fix it and you should be let off since you did not violate any of the rules. >:(

I was not aware that looking at the lobby page and using information from the page while in a game constituted OGI as it was not listed in the rules. I don't understand how someone can receive a violation for a rule that does not technically exist and has been used by others in the past without punishment.

If this does become a rule, I truthfully think it silly to guise find someone in the lobby, only to make up "pretend" reasons other than guise finding someone to prove that they are guised. If the mechanic of lobby searching isn't supposed to be exploited, then there should be rules limiting its use. Thanks for your time in reading my appeal.
almost 12 years
Looking at other in-progress games to guiser-check has been OGI and against the rules for a long time now. The list underneath the OGI violation is a list of some of the things that apply to the violation, not all of them. Before you do something like this, you have to ask yourself whether what you are doing is within the game you are playing and whether it will affect the outcome of the game. Sustained.