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closeddeletedover 12 years . didn't out the doc save d1 on a doc save as doc after having saved cop. we lynched the real cop. we did win anyway but lynching the real cop wasn't needed . Call it bad play if you want but please warn.. give a note or something please.
deletedover 12 years
if you ever got fooled by mafia it must have been in unranked. in many , many games I have never I repeat NEVER seen mafia nk in classic n1. It's practically gamethrowing for them to do that.
over 12 years
STFU, I got fooled by maf once. They didn't do anything in n1 so i thought that the one i saved was a cop so I outed to prove that he's cop [which is really maf] and kaboom ...... I die.
But the stupid, stubborn "UNCLE" wouldn't even listen to me and he called me something like "Troller"
I wish that I have at least 2000 points to -k you, you jerk!