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about 5 years
Im randomly bored and decided that Im going to guess what all the old current duff members are up to now:

Johnreid: Probably a Lawyer somewhere making big bucks. Still sad I lost that $1 bet because of you.

ViolaSweatshirt: Hopefully doing good and reading peoples future with zodiac signs and what not.

Papuito: Hustling and bustling. I need to start traveling around the world more.

Shears: Probably the mayor of Arizona or something by now. If you run for president i'll vote for you. #sorrytrump
about 5 years
Solace: I know you are out there somewhere thinking to yourself that jerk Jeremy has been using my spotify account for 3 years now and what has he done for me. If you ever come to California ill treat you to some good food.

Gerry: Hmm this is really tough... I wonder what you have been up too. I'm just going to randomly guess and this is totally random. You probably have a really successful job that you are surround yourself with a cool group of people who you talk to in your free time.

Rina: I'm going to give you some life advice which i know you won't read since you hate this website. I think you need to flip your priorities so instead of having a nice job and all that you should go back to the days of just playing on here 8-12 hours a day. The life experience gained from reading mafia will go much further. Also i realize im suppose to be making predictions here so im going to guess that you surround yourself with a good group of friends and they are lucky to have you!
about 5 years
Expose: hi!! I kinda low key think you might be famous now. I also hope you don't hate me for watching the rest of Castle and when i say the rest i mean like up till season 5 or something. I suck at finishing TV shows. My prediction is that you are probably really good at LOL and really really hoping that everything in life has been going your way.

Ponds: You are probably going through the whole college/uni experience rn right?? I think you probably could have been really successful online but the crowd of people you would have attracted wouldn't be very healthy for you and would prob lead to a negative experience. Anyways hopefully you are doing good.
almost 7 years
invite me back
about 7 years
Oh wow I got kicked out lol ???
deletedabout 7 years
whO DENIED ME BEING A DUFF SOME TIME AGO? Let's joust with milk jugs and shopping carts. Winner takes your DUFF spot.
deletedabout 7 years
tha DUFS
about 7 years
hi :)
deletedabout 7 years
hey duffs, would you be willing to add me?
deletedover 7 years
Formal application for re-entry.
over 7 years
Can you believe LeMeJoe has been salty for a year because I wouldn't make him a mentor lol. tragic.
over 7 years
asking me who my least favorite duff is like asking me to die
over 7 years
asking me who my favourite duff is like asking me to die
deletedover 7 years
deletedover 7 years
Could i please join?
over 7 years
hi :)
over 7 years
Brought another trophy home for the fam <3
over 7 years
Nice fam
over 7 years
This fam is truly goals lol
deletedalmost 8 years
this fmaily is sh*t compared to mine
deletedalmost 8 years
almost 8 years
this fam is pretty lit. this fam is
almost 8 years
When it's time to move out and move on you get together with some friends, pack some boxes, and sit on the floor reminiscing about the memories made. You laugh, you cry, but most of all, you remember the love you have for them and realize it will be alright.
almost 8 years
almost 8 years
Gerry is the best